i met the walrus


em 1969, jerry levitan, então com 14 anos, conseguiu entrar no quarto de hotel onde john lennon estava hospedado em toronto durante uma pausa no bed in e, munido de um gravador de rolo, convenceu o ex-beatle a lhe conceder uma entrevista. 38 anos depois essa mesma entrevista virou uma animação chamada “i met the walrus” feita pelo próprio levitan em parceria com o diretor josh raskin e o ilustrador james braithwaite. em 2008 o filme foi indicado ao oscar de melhor curta de animação.

o próprio jerry levitan explica como aconteceu o encontro:

I was 14 in 1969 when John Lennon mysteriously appeared in Toronto. My world revolved around The Beatles and John was my hero.  I instinctively knew that I had to find him, and more importantly, talk with him.

So I skipped school and made my trek at 7:00 a.m. to a hotel I guessed he would stay in, went to the top floor, knocked on every door and woke a lot of disgruntled people. A cleaning lady asked, “Are you looking for the Beatle?” I said yes and she told me where he was. Kyoko, Yoko’s daughter was lying on the floor, colouring in front of a suite. I knew I’d found him, barged in, and made myself at home. John laughed at the spectacle, and let me stay.

Later on, with tape recorder in hand, I interviewed him and Yoko for about 40 minutes and talked about peace, The Beatles, John and Yoko music and teenage angst. I told him how I defended The Beatles to fans who were turning to other groups. I also told him how a butcher claimed that the Two Virgins album was pornography. He laughed and calmed me down. When I listed the hidden messages I found in the White Album he went out of his way to tell me that there is nothing magical about Beatles music and that he and the other Beatles are just regular guys. John gave me his copy of Life With the Lions and I left that encounter floating on air.

What happened that day was profound. I knew it then and I know it today. John was kind to a kid who loved The Beatles which led to an unparalleled and historic pop encounter.

o video ficou fodíssimo e ajuda a entender um pouco a cabeça genial do winston. aprecie.

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